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Nice to meet you at our new site

Please reed this before you continue:
We have 3 groups on our site: GRAMOPHONES AND PHONOGRAPHS

Gramophones and phonographs do have some pictures and prices if you want more information please contact us, we can ship everything world wide no problem.
About the 78 rpm records we do have at the moment more than 17.000 records on the side and it has to work as folowing, you order 1 or more records and we send you a mail if the record is available and the correct price, because not all the records in our database do have the correct price.
Then please let us now if you want or don�t want to buy the records and how you want to pay for them.
You can send the payment to ABN-AMRO bank account nr 464633818 J.Notenboom, Tiel, Netherlands
Iban: NL13ABNA0464633818 Bic: ABNANL2A Or you can use PAYPAL please ad 4% for the cost.
Paypal account is: zwarteschijf@planet.nl
We can ship the records prices are for inside europe the folowing:
Parcel up to 2 kg (about 4 records) 20 euro, parcel up to 5kg (about 10 records) 25 euro, parcel up to 10 kg (about 25 records) 30 euro, parcel up to 20 kg (about 40 records) 40 euro.
Prices and weight are based on 10 inch records and are including safe packing we do our best the pack as good as posible but we dont are responseble for any damage.
You always can send us a email if you want a better specifid quote for the shipping of the records you want to buy.

Needles, parts and all the other things: The goods in this section are always with price and shipping cost inside europe. They are always in stock so you can order and pay for them directly and we send them out as soon as we have your payment,for payment see the 78 rpm section.
We hope you have a look at our side and can find something you want.

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